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Senior Director of Healthcare Strategic Consulting Wakefield


Data provides the foundation, analytics delivers interpretation and technology fuels the process. Driven by forward-thinking associates, Epsilon’s “end-to-end” strategic planning and analytic processes provide the linkage across our various disciplines to deliver plans that provide solutions to our clients’ business challenges in a way that optimizes ROI, moves business forward and most important, affects the bottom line. Our associates analyze the entire client scope and then recommend solutions to help build more loyal, profitable customer relationships.

In response to increased CMO need for outside expertise, staff augmentation, and ongoing support in the face of digital disruption and multiplying MarTech / AdTech vendors, options, and platforms. Strategy and Insights drive “tip of the spear” conversations with CMOs, which position Epsilon’s differentiating blend of proprietary data assets and analytics, vertical-industry experience, unbiased technology expertise, and deep familiarity with customer data as the foundation, resulting in broader and deeper C-suite relationships that drive increased pull-through work, improving organic and inorganic growth, while elevating awareness and valuation of Epsilon’s full range of marketing transformation capabilities. Epsilon strategic & analytic consulting professionals work in a variety of roles, including: Statistician, Analytic Consultant, Strategic Consultant and Research Analyst.


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